Reach RTK question

There is a video on tracking using the Reach RTK. Can someone send me a link please?


Wong PY

Hi Wong,

Could you please describe your question in more detail? What kind of project do you have?

Thank you for responding. We are working on a farm and setting out the boundaries and planting beds. We are happy with meter accuracy

Hi Wong,

May I ask you to elaborate on what’s the video you’re looking for?
Unfortunately, at the moment, I don’t quite understand which video do you need.

Which Reach receiver model are you using?

Are you trying to collect points on the ground that are marked or stakeout points you already have imported into Reachview?

Reach model: We bought in Sept 2017.
We want to stakeout points. I believe that Emlid has produced a video for that but I can’t find it now.


I neither managed to find a video, however here you will find a step by step procedure on how to survey using Point Collection Tool.

Hope it helps!

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@s.pavlov tqvm. This is better than a video and answers my question.

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