PPK with Time mark

Hello, I bought a Reach M + and I want to do PPK with my drone.
I can not manage that only the data will be logged during a photo release. It is permanently logged.
Maybe I do not understand the time mark function. Does the time mark pin have to be pulled to ground during a photo release, or how?
Who can give me an understandable information please ??

Thanks Hans

Timemarks are exported into a separate file during post processing. The pin must be pulled to ground.

If the data would be only logged during exposure (1/1000s) you would not get a fix… .

@tobias-dahms is right @Haga. If you want to do PPK and also use the time mark pin, then:

  • You want a long log file for the whole flight
  • Using Emlid’s version of RTKLIB, you process that log file against the base station log
  • Your position output filename will end in .pos and it will be for the whole flight
  • Your time marks filename will end in _events.pos and it will be for just those time marks

Just a sidemark on this. Pulling the pin down or up is just to create an event in the log. It doesnt have to be pull up or down for the entire exposure/release etc. If so, it might create multiple events for the same image.
When this event should be created is a different question, but sometimes during the exposure and is consistence is usually good enough if you dont fly to fast.

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many thanks

okay thanks, i understand.

Is it possible to see the timestamps for first inspection anywhere within the rinex nav- or obs-file?

very interesting, thank you

I have written a script which also lists the number of timemarks in the obs file. If you donate some money I could adopt it to list each individual time marks (only the time it was taken, not the coordinates).

Thanks for the empathy, but unfortunately this does not answer my question

yes it is.

Hi Hans,

Is it possible to see the timestamps for first inspection anywhere within the rinex nav- or obs-file?

You can observe the time when the time mark was recorded in the .obs RINEX file. It usually looks like a string with time without further observations.

Thank you for your hint,
Yes, I can see these timestamps in my Rinex obs.files.
But how do I recognize timestamps that were triggered manually?

Hi Hans,

I’m afraid there’s no ready solution to distinguish these timestamps in the observation log.

What is the difference between manually and not manually?
What do you want to do?

Only those rows with “5 0” at the end are the timestamps.

Hello, tobias,
thank you, now I understand it.
This allows me to check if my electronics are working to trigger the timestamp.
I think you have a lot of experience in this field, which is very good for me as an amateur

Greetings Hans

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