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I am using both base and rover for RTK surveying and was considering using PPK for certain environments but have a question:

Using PPK, logs will store ALL positions for the rover, but I am only interested in those points where I put it into the ground to get a measurement. Sorry if I am not clear, English is not my first language.

Anyway, is there a way to remove all points but those where I station my Rover to get a precise measurement? Something like clustering (I will stop at those points for 10 seconds or so)

Thanks in advance

One of the other users on the forum has created a tool that can help with that: PPK point extractor software

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It is a nice package for exactly what you want. I can vouch for the time savings running this tool. Maybe @jurijs.jeshkins will have some time when his studies wrap up to really polish. Huge kudos!

I assume you are running survey for PPK as in can export CSV. That has epoch of each occupation in UTC. Export your corrected file out of RTKPost with timestamp in UTC as GPX.

You now know each points occupation period and have a file with points and time to query. Cheers.

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Hi José,

There is also EZSurv post-processing software to facilitate the post-processing of points recorded by ReachView application.

EZSurv reads the stop & go points recorded with Emlid ReachView application. EZSurv allows the use of your Country reference frame (Datum, projection, local grid and vertical surface/MSL) to output post-processed results for the points recorded with ReachView.
The document at the following link is a step by step procedure to PPK points recorded with ReachView.

http://www.onpoz.com/Support/KBData/KbMainPage.aspx?KbFamily=Office Applications&KbProduct=EZSurv&KbTopic=Trajectories&KbArticleTitle=How to process GNSS data recorded using ReachView&KbArticlePath=Articles/art_000146.html

If you want to try EZSurv to PPK your Emlid files, go to the following link: http://www.effigis.com/en/freetrial/

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