PPK mode with more than 3km baseline

in PPK mode with more than 3km baseline how many minutes should you obseved the point with open skyview. is 5 minutes is enough?

More than 3 km, is that then 3.5 or 10 km or?

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I would go for 25min rapid static.


I think 20 min is enough for multi frequency receiver but more time is better.
For a single frequency receiver 30 min is good.

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Here is one recommendation from the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) provided by mauricioranzan (Mauricio Surveyor) in another post.


last time i did ppk i notice that when the baseline is less than 1km 1-2min can solve fix, less than 2km 5min fix but more than 3km i observed it 5min solution is float.

There is a saying you may find in the scientific literature about the recording time in static mode. It is :
time = 10 minutes + 1 minute per kilometer of baseline + 1 minute per 100 meter of height difference


Hi @willstar_beleno,

5-10 minutes should be enough in good environmental conditions at a 3 km baseline. If you can achieve only a Float solution, please share the logs from the rover and base with me. I’ll check the data quality and try to post-process the data to see what can be wrong.

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