PPK missing geoid

to be the first beta very well but I am missing geoid model EGM2008 greetings to all :upside_down_face:

oh yes, please guide me thanks

Hi @javier2519,

As far as I understand, you’re about Emlid Studio Beta. At the moment, it doesn’t support different geoid models. All coordinates output in WGS84 with ellipsoidal heights.

However, I’ll note it as a feature request for the future. Thanks!


una pregunta como me entero de los update de emlid studio beta

@javier2519 In the thread dedicated to Emlid Studio beta, I suppose.

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Hi Javier,

Pedro is right. All the news is published in the Emlid Studio Beta thread.

Also, please keep communication on the forum in English so that other users can participate as well.

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ok perfecto

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