Ppk kit emlid on phantom 4 pro

I have an reach rs2 receiver and a phantom 4 pro. I want to upgrade my drone with a ppk kit, and i saw on ebay several offers, from China. All have in common L1 antenna, and they post process the data with rtklib. The offers from ebay are: : dji phantom 4 A P update RTK PPK Survey Mapping drone emlid inside, and YunFan DJI Pantom4 PPK GNSS GPS. I want to obtain better precision with less CGP.
Can someone help me with an advice for upgrade.
Thanks in advance!

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Why not integrate an Emlid M+ instead? There are kits to do exactly that.


Thanks. At the moment i am searching for the best solution.

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Hi Sam,

Reach M+/M2 requires a connection to the drone’s camera via a hot shoe to register the events. However, the camera on DJI Phantom 4 Pro doesn’t provide hot shoe access.

There are some custom solutions like the one Gabriel has pointed out. As far as I know, they require some hacking as the DJI system doesn’t allow easy integration with 3rd-party equipment. So, we can hardly support you with this.


Hi. The solution for the integration with the M2 and M+ is this Kit:
From Metta Technologies
Link: https://mettatec.com/tecnologia/ppk-kit-phantom-4/
The video of the product review: https://youtu.be/QskoGwkx9XY
Best regards.


Thank you! I received the Ppk kit for the ph4.

Wish you all the best!

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Hi Sam. I also have the Metta kit with M+. Have you been able to test it out? How are you handling the log file on M+ stopping during battery change? Multiple log files for post-processing?

I have reach M2. Did not manage yet to test it. Will keep you updated. But i think the solution is multiple log files post-processed togheter.

Hola Julio, hacen envios a Paraguay?? cual es el metodo de pago??

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