PPK corrected data for GCPs or ground survey


We are a drone operator doing mainly drone mapping using Phantom 4 pro with Emlid RS2 unit to pick up GCPs.

We correct our data via CORS Stations network doing PPK in RTKLib.

My question is quite clear : is there a simple way to get the survey .CSV file PPK-corrected ? In other words does RTKLib provides you with a solution CSV or TXT file related to your survey ? Is there a way to extract PPK-corrected data from the survey ?

The event.pos file is always empty (and according to what I have read on this forum the event.pos file is created to work in specific configurations like hotshoe on a camera or a drone).

Thanks in advance for your help.



There are several solutions, here are 3 options going from free but time consuming to dang nice and fast, but quite expensive:

  • Load the resulting POS file into RTKplot. Input start-stop time, center plot, and add waypoint. You can now copy/paste your coordinate out.
  • use this PPK point extractor software . Use your resulting POS file along with the Csv file, and run it through the app.
  • EzSurv takes your base, rover + your csv file and spits out all your points, with very few clicks. Can also compare RTK positions and PPK positions as blunder checks and so on.

You could also use interuptor on the time mark pin to create a time event during ppk, which is easy to line up and identify on the timeline of the plot. Somewhat nasty hack but it works.

@wizprod thanks for these solutions PPK Point extractor software seems to be the best option for me. However do you know if it takes in account the ~20seconds difference between GPS Time and UTC Time when averaging data for a point ?

@TB_RTK Thnaks, that seems to be a good option, and I understand the expected result. However I am not sure to fully understand how to proceed to do so, could you be more specific ?

Yep, both the Extractor and EzSurv (can) take this into account.

Using gnd and event from this layout with a fast snapping switch does the trick.

I just start and stop the log like I am taking a shot. Then I can process each point by itself. Probably a little to manual for more than 20-25 GCP’s… but then again how many times do you need to do that for a project? I takes less than 5 minutes per point.

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