PPK base log for PosPac UAV still problem

I am trying to use log file form base RS2+ in Pospac UAV application. If I am using RINEX file directly exported from Receiver I get that info:

When I converted base file from UBX format like in this thread in the Emild Studio I get such Error:

I tried to find solution in this thread but it is closed now :frowning:
The files from base are here:
I tried also " Compute RTX Coordinates" with newest version of firmware for Reach Rs2+ and new log file recorded for over 2 hours but that didn’t help still the same errors :frowning:

Hi Miron,

As I see, these are the logs, we are also discussing via PM. They are too short, only for 2 minutes.

I’ve received your new logs, so I’ll take a look at them and post my thoughts here.

Ok great here are longer logs:

Hi Miron,

Sorry it took so long to look into the data.

I checked the files you shared. The one named Reachfoto_raw_20231019082510.23O looks great. Its NAV file is complete and contains a string with info about leap seconds, the seconds are integer, and the observation file is of good quality as well.

However, what I noticed is that some of the signals (mostly L2) start recording several seconds after the log begins. You can see gaps at the beginning of the log:

Can you please trim the first 5 minutes of the log and try to process it in POSPac once again? To trim the log, you can use the Convert to RINEX tab in Emlid Studio:


Ok sorry but I have no idea how can I trim this log in Emild Studio could you give me tutorial which option I should use?

Oh, sure. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Go to the Convert to RINEX tab in Emlid Studio.
  2. Upload your log and tap on the gear button on it.
  3. Reset settings to default. Specify the results’ folder location. You can leave it as Input file folder for simplicity.
  4. Set the necessary time of the beginning and end of the log in the Logs duration. By default, you’ll see the values of the time of the original log.
  5. Tap on Save and then on Convert.

Thanks that helped !!!


This is great news! Thanks for sharing.

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Hi everyone,

Just in case someone encounters this thread, we have tested a few data sets, and in all cases, trimming the log helps to fix the “Unable to start order!” issue. We have also introduced a guide on this topic.

In case you still run into any issues after trimming, please write to us at support@emlid.com and we will look into it.

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