PPK base log for PosPac UAV still problem

I am trying to use log file form base RS2+ in Pospac UAV application. If I am using RINEX file directly exported from Receiver I get that info:

When I converted base file from UBX format like in this thread in the Emild Studio I get such Error:

I tried to find solution in this thread but it is closed now :frowning:
The files from base are here:
I tried also " Compute RTX Coordinates" with newest version of firmware for Reach Rs2+ and new log file recorded for over 2 hours but that didn’t help still the same errors :frowning:

Hi Miron,

As I see, these are the logs, we are also discussing via PM. They are too short, only for 2 minutes.

I’ve received your new logs, so I’ll take a look at them and post my thoughts here.

Ok great here are longer logs:

Hi Miron,

Sorry it took so long to look into the data.

I checked the files you shared. The one named Reachfoto_raw_20231019082510.23O looks great. Its NAV file is complete and contains a string with info about leap seconds, the seconds are integer, and the observation file is of good quality as well.

However, what I noticed is that some of the signals (mostly L2) start recording several seconds after the log begins. You can see gaps at the beginning of the log:

Can you please trim the first 5 minutes of the log and try to process it in POSPac once again? To trim the log, you can use the Convert to RINEX tab in Emlid Studio: