Emlid Reach RS2 does not log data on even seconds


I have had problems using Emlid Reach RS2 as a base station in Applanix POSPAC MMS when doing trajectory post-processing. It gives an error “Primary and base observable data are incompatible. Please check base data against POS data”.

The problem seems to be, that RS2 does not log the RINEX data on even seconds:

I found also this old topic about it: RINEX files not on even seconds - #61

So what is the current situation, what is the easiest way to get those logs on even second?
And why it is not logging on even seconds and is there going to be a fix for that?

Our Reach RS2 has the newest firmware.

And this is problem with POSPac only, for example NovAtel Inertial Explorer has no problems handling RS2 with non-even seconds.


Hi Heikki,

Reach indeed records RINEX log without time interpolation. However, there’s a workaround for that.

You can record raw data in UBX format. Then, it’s possible to easily convert it into the RINEX using Emlid Studio with the enabled option This log is for OPUS. Take a look at the screenshot:

It allows converting the log into the RINEX format with time interpolation. Usually, it helps to post-process logs in third-party software and services like Applanix POSPAC MMS.


Great! I’ll try that next time!
Did not see that option in my Emlid Studio, but had an old version.
But now it is there after update!


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Yep, it has been implemented in the stable version :sunglasses:

You’re welcome!

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Hi! It seems to work now! POSPac still gave me an error about missing leap second info.
But then I did this:

So updated the antenna profiles database, so it now has an Emlid Reach RS2 antenna profile support.

I’m not 100% what happened, but after these steps (UBX → RINEX with even seconds and antenna database update) I am now able to use reach RS2 as a base station in POSPac.

Going to have a next mission later this week, with a RS2 as an base station.
I’ll let you now whether everything works fine!


Hi Heikki,

Good! I’ll be waiting for your feedback :blush:

And just a small update: yesterday we released a new 1.2 version of Emlid Studio. Now it adds leap seconds string in the navigation file by default while you’re converting the UBX file into the RINEX. I hope it can help you post-process logs from Reach RS2 in third-party software and services.



After the option for time interpolation to integer seconds and leap seconds string in the navigation file, everything seem to work just great.
No problems using Reach RS2 as a base station in Applanix POSPac.

Thanks, great!


Hi Heikki,

It’s really cool to hear that!