Ppk assist

Hello for all
First I need assistance for ppk and drone mapping…
1- I need steps Hello for all
First I need assistance for ppk and drone mapping…
1- I need steps for ppk in emlid reach rs +
2- I need also steps for processing and what the software
3-can i work with rtk mode and with the point I get float or single do ppk?
4-for drone mapping. I have Mavic pro 1… And I looking for work with gcp also I need steps for drone and software.
Finaly thanks for all

Hi Islam,

To do drone mapping with Reach, you need to work in PPK. Reach M+ or Reach M2 is needed to be connected to a camera’s hot shoe to register precise time marks for each photo. To obtain precise coordinates for these time marks, you need to post-process raw data logs from base and rover.

However, the DJI Mavic Pro drone’s camera doesn’t provide hot shoe access, so it can’t be easily integrated with Reach.

If you want to improve the accuracy of your survey with DJI drones, you can place GCPs in RTK mode. You can learn more about the RTK mode here. To collect points, you can use our ReachView 3 app. Also, this topic on our community forum might be interesting for you.


Hi elena
I placed GCPs in rtk mode but accuracy more than 20 cm. What do you think the problem?

Hi @SamOo,

Do I understand correctly that you work with Reach RS+? Do you use a second receiver or an NTRIP caster as a base?

Could you also clarify whether all points were collected with a Fix solution status?

If you work with Reach RS+, please make sure that the baseline doesn’t exceed 10 km.

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