Postpac and Emlid

Dear all we are using a Riegl LiDAR on a drone and do post processing of the trajectory using PostPac. We are not able to get a proper fix with the Emlid RS2 and get much worse results compared to when we are using a Trimble R10 as a base. We have tried postprocessing the same flight and having both logging at the same time resulting in nearly 100% fix using Trimble but well under 70% using the Emlid. All from the same location same time and same flight.

I can go into further technical details on this but was curios to know if someone here is able to do this successfully and if so what settings they are using when logging on the Emlid and how the convert the files before importing to PostPac.

Thanks in advance!


Has someone successfully been using a Riegl scanner and the Emlid RS2 as a base?

The reason we are asking is because we need to buy another base and if we cannot get the Emlid working with the Riegl LiDAR it does not make sense to buy another unit and we would have to get from some other manufacturer.

Hi @Tryggvi,

Sorry for the silence here!

It’s hard to say why not all the solutions are in Fix right away since you process the data in 3rd-party software. Can you share the logs in RINEX format? I’ll look into them and process them in our Emlid Studio software. It will help check at which step the issue occurs.

Check the comments from Applanix directly in this thread.

The gist is that as far as I understand from the problem as it was only second hand, Pospac requires L2P observations to work. This is almost obsolete now, it should be considered legacy signal for retrocompatibility only as it will eventually be phased out and satellites will stop broadcasting it in a few years.

Emlid has uBlox chips which do not track L2P, only L2C.

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