Post-processing of base coordinate

I tried to process the base coordinates data sending my raw base data to “Canadian NRCAN CSRS-PPP service”, the problem is that they answered me with this warning:
“Warning : No antenna type RINEX header record was found. Phase Centre Offsets and Variation could not be applied. Estimated height should be used with caution.”

I think that I cannot the upload the height data in their app. How Can I resolve this problem?

Until Emlid enables automatically filled RINEX headers with the antenna model, you need to fill it yourself. You can find some info on this in the thread started by this post.

And it works nicely… actually giving slightly less stdev :smiley:

Hi Isabel,

In the meantime, you can specify the antenna name which is EML_REACH_RS2 directly in the RINEX file or before converting UBX to RINEX in RTKCONV Options:

You can get our RTKLIB version in docs.

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