Post processing base and rover data

I collected data with a base and a rover using LoRA setup. However, I did not have corrections for my base in the field. I am trying to PPK the base data using CORS data and then correct the rover data that is fixed to the base.

The workflow in Emlid studio is:

Static processing of the base
Receiver: Raw rinex from base, and added in the height of my pole
Base: CORS obs file
Navigation: Base .P file

Stop and go processing of the rover
Receiver: raw rinex from rover
Navigation: Rover .P file
Base: the PPK base data. However the output from static processing is only a .POS file that is not usable here. How do I PPK my base to where I can get data to correct the rover?

I went ahead and added the raw obs file for my base during the stop and go processing of the rover points. I then switched from header to lat/long/height dd and manually entered the position and height I got from statically processing my base file.

The question I still have is, do I have to put the measured height in both steps for my base? In the static processing of the base, I added in the measured height of my pole, and I did it again when I used this base to PPK the rover data.

Hi @nrsimon,

The workflow that you described is correct. You need to use the same observation file from your base with both processes. In the case of Stop & Go, you can also drag and drop the POS file from Static processing.

Also, we recommend specifying the type of the receiver and the measured antenna height in both processes.