Possible M+ brick after updating to firware v2.22.3


I have a five Reach M+ and i am experiencing issues with it when updating to firmware version v2.22.3, using the update procedure by going to port 5000. I have updated three of my boards, and currently I have one that working properly (and indicating that firmware version is indeed V2.22.3. And I have two that are not working anymore.

Only the red LED light is solid on, the blue and green leds are off. This status is not described in the docs (LED status | RTK Modules)

I am not sure what this means, could it be possible that the device has been bricked due to the update? Since the hotspot or wifi is not coming up I have to way to connect to the device and check the status.

It seems that this has been coming up more lately, but mine was due to my source not supplying enough power. Have you tried connecting a mobile device charger? Also, hit the reset button


Resetting didn’t do anything. However I have been able to fix this by using the reach firware update utility (https://docs.emlid.com/reachm-plus/common/reachview/firmware-reflashing/). And editing the download link to the latest firmware.

The site show the latest as V2.22.2 and the link for the newer version is found here:

However it has lead to a lot of work, especially since the module is embedded in a bigger device…

Great info! I will have to keep this in mind if I have further issues.

Seems that I have the same problem.
i update through the first webpage and a hotspot to 2.22.3. After a reboot the green led blinks and I can’t access to the webpage.
Should I reflash it with the latest 2.22.2 with the image?

Is your Reach connected to the Internet? Blinking green LED usually stands for time sync. Make sure you have the Internet access or provide a skyview to the unit with the connected antenna

The internet access should be maintained even during waypoints ?

The Internet access is required for time sync when there’s no sky visibility only for launching ReachView.

Thanks for your reply

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