Positioning problems in Poshold/Loiter with Emlid M2

Quadrocopter with Cube Orange and ArduCopter 4.0.5

the copter rocks slowly about 1 meter back and forth. It is not a toilet bowl like with bad compas calibration. The radius of the movement is despite over 20 Satelitten and HDOP 0.5 approx. 1-2 meters. Remarkable is the message warning: EK2: changed EK2_GPS_TYPE to 1.

It doesn’t matter if we set up the Emlid as primary or secondary GPS. Only if we configure the Here2 as primary GPS and switch off the Emlid M2 completely, the copter flies precisely at position. What could be the reason for this?

Is The M2 corrected with Lora, and thus in RTK-mode?
Or just running as means to have a PPK solution, and this running in Single solution mode?

this test we have made without connection to Base RS2, so single solution. The copter should be able to do both PPK and RTK. An Emlid Lora is installed for this purpose.

We have now noticed that the message “EKF2: changed EK2_GPS_TYPE to 1” does not appear when we set the protocol (position output) to ERB (previously it was set to NMEA). A test flight is still pending.

Here you can also find a log file of the flight:

What are your baud rates? ERB is extremely compact takes very little bandwidth.

NMEA on the Emlid should have a big warning; Do not run under 57600 baud @ 5hz.
With NMEA you are getting a big chunk of data whether it needs it or not.
If the other device has to buffer the data it needs, the data becomes late or non existent.

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Thanks for the info @PotatoFarmer ! That explains a lot. We had NMEA set at 57kb. Today we did a test with ERB 57kb and that worked great!

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