Poor PPK drone results, how to raise Q1 fix ratio?

I took my Reach RS as the base and mounted Reach onto my drone for accurancy test.

I had tried different setting with PPK post-processing.

However, the PPK result is Q1fix =77.1% and Q2=22.9%. How should i improve my result to raise Q1 ratio.

This is my base and rover raw file:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16TrFahtp34N3lxwv7D2eNb1hstqLEL6n?usp=sharing

Thank you!

The following is my RTKPOST (ver2.4.3 Emlid b28) setting:

The following is my Reach Rs and Reach’s ReachViewApp setting:

o Position Mode: static
o GPS AR mode: Fix-and-hold
o GLONASS AR mode:on
o Elevation mask angle: 15
o SNR mask: 35
o Used positioning systems: gps, sbas, glo, galilo
o Base mode–>base corrdinates input mode–> Manual

Hey there,

As I can see from your raw logs, there is a poor satellite visibility for both the rover and the base. In what type of environment did you test your Reach?

In regards to ReachView app settings, there is a guide on the forum providing a detailed information of settings for PPK.

Also, could you please share an image of Reach hardware setup?

Hey tatiana.andreeva,

Thanks for your reply and information.

I tested in the open school yard. There is no obstacles blocking the skyview of base station.

My Reach(rover) hardware setup is the same as the above pics of Reach RS(base).

Could you please post an image of the rover setup too?

Do you use a ground plane for Reach antenna?

You also can try to enable BeiDou instead of GLONASS.

The following image is the rover setup .

The reach was mounted in the white box which was tied on the landing gear of the drone.

I just use a small ground plane (less than 3cm in diameter) for Reach antenna.

I highly recommend you to increase your antenna ground plane and to try isolating Reach from noise/interference. Phantom may be really noisy during the flight. You can use aluminum foil to shield the box with the receiver.

The base log is not perfect as well. Try to set up base in different place and record the new sample dataset please.

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Groundplane min 9cm
And wrap your reach in tinfoil.

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@tatiana.andreeva, Thanks for your great suggestion.

@Simon_Allen, Thanks a lot! I will try it!

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