Points numbers changed on import

I am having the same issue. The headings in my csv file are : Point,Easting,Northing,Elevation,Description
In the csv file, my point numbers are arranged in groups ie. 100-117 are one group, 200-234 are another, etc.
When I import these into a Flow survey project, the points are numbered from 1 to n (the number of points I have), not the point numbers in the csv file. The descriptions are imported correctly.

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Hi @mnmsurvey,

The point numbers shouldn’t be changed for CSV in regular UTF-8. But we know about this behavior for UTF-8 with BOM encoding. Does changing the encoding help?

I created a point table in Excel, and saved as " CSV (Comma Delimited) (*.csv) ".
It still doesn’t keep my numbering.

Could I send you the file to look at?


Sure, we’ll look into it.

Not hijacking, but I have changed to without BOM and still have it renumber. No amount of changes I make to the file fixes the renumber issue.

Hi @info1,

Please ensure that you upload the file using the CSV option, not CSV(PENZD). Also, is your app on the latest version 8.9? If so, please share the file with us, and we’ll look into it.

I can’t seem to upload my csv file


If you face difficulties uploading your file here, can you please send it to us at support@emlid.com?

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Just an update for everyone interested – we’ve checked the file via email and found the reason. There was no column called Name. So Emlid Flow couldn’t find the point names and auto-assigned them. When the column with point names was renamed, it started to work fine.

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