Point editing during stakeout

Point editing is critical imho. We need to index the ‘Name’ column so there are no duplicates. We need to sort by all columns, namely PNEZD to find points of interest, similar to sorting columns in MS Excel.
For example, we imported 50+ points named ‘CALC’ for stake out. During stakeout, new control points were found that affect the original positions so we need to update them all. We need to import points with the same ‘Name’ and overwrite existing points with new values. Or we need to select and delete many points at once so we can import them again.

Hi @bradboat1,

So, you want to have the option to sort the points by columns in Emlid Flow, right? I believe I can register it as a feature request.

Hmm, it reminds me of the feature request for collecting the points during a stakeout to store stakeout info. Will that work for you?

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Our calc points are 5001-5999, our staked localization points are 1-999. They are labeled calc and the type of monument respectively. I don’t understand “same Name”?

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We can now easily delete a large set of points and quickly replace them, just as requested. Well done! It’s great to see the improvements.