Placing the base over a Known point With XYZ Coordinates


I am using a REACH RS 2 Module (Base and Rover) for drinking water supply project in the Republic of Congo. I am trying to place my base over a known coordinates point in UTM33S but I can’t do it. When I record in manual mode the coordinates of my base in WGS84 (LLH) the communication passes perfectly between the base and the mobile. On the other hand when I do it in UTM33S the signal appear for a few seconds then disappear.
to relate to the General leveling of the country I need to work in UTM33S Can you help me to solve this?

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Hello ronpavel,
You have to convert a coordinates of a know points from UTM 33S to LLH, you will find a lot of converters in the net, cause ReachView accept only LLH format (when you set a coordinates for a base).
I suggest to use RechView v3.0 for Rover to obtain a coordinates directly in UTM 33S format.


Hi @ronpavel,

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This disconnection issue is more likely due to the inappropriate base coordinates’ input. The current stable ReachView version can work with the WGS84 coordinate system in LLH and XYZ format only.

To work with UTM zone 33S format, you can use third-party software for the conversion or survey. It might be helpful to look at our guide that explains how to integrate RS2 with Andriod apps via Bluetooth.

However, as Zinedine has mentioned, the beta version of our new ReachView 3 app supports different coordinate systems. It allows you to use the UTM zone 33S format. You can check out more details about ReachView 3 features in this community forum thread. Please note that even though we spend a lot of time testing, there might still be bugs in the beta version.

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thanks to all of you for your answer

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