PIxhawk Plane 3.7.1

I have come back to this after a break. I am using a base and rover each working fine with reachview v2.5.3-r0. Base will inject into MP but gpsstatus2 remains zero. The rover is receiving the correct satellite positions (as viewed from the app).

I tried to follow the instructions to the letter but the parameters for change do not appear int he full list as now listed in the latest version in MP 1.3.48. I am assuming the ERB is now part of the standard firmware?

I cannot for instance find a SERIAL4_BAUD parameter so I cannot check the connection speed.

What am I missing?

Thanks in anticipation of your help.


Could you please try ArduPlane 3.8

Switched to 3.8.0beta5 but nothing changed.

Te corrections are being broadcast from MP according to the gps inject window, It appears the pixhawk simply does not see the second gps plugged into the serial port. There is power to the reach from this port however.

The changes to parameters no your webpages refer to parameters that do not exist in this version of MP e.g. SERIAL4_BAUD have these been renamed? or should I be changes different parameters?


OK my apologies - this turned out to be a faulty df13 cable - how I hate these things!