Piggyback Lora Radio in Reach RS2 with 3rd Party Lora Gateway

Hi Is it possible to link the Lora Radio in the Reach RS2 with a 3rd Party LORA gateway so I can broadcast corrections through a more powerful Lora radio.
I have the WisGate Edge Max RAK7249 LoraWAN gateway.
This unit can be configured to link with Lora Radios.


Hi Andrew,

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LoRa radios from different manufacturers may be partially incompatible due to the different firmware and configuration protocols. That’s why it may not be possible to establish a stable RTK link between them.

To work on longer baselines, I recommend using an external radio for communication between Reach RS2 units. The main requirement is the ability to allow Serial communication.

We have a post about testing Reach RS+ with external UHF radios: Reach RS+ tests with external UHF radio (450 MHz). This radio also works fine with Reach RS2. I believe it can be helpful for you.

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