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Hello people, I am trying to add photo’s to the post processing of the rover (drone) and base. The software doesn’t recognise the photo’s in the folder I’ve created. The number of photo’s is correct. Does Emlid Studio work with the .jpg format? I’ve enabled the privacy settings of the macbook, to give Emlid Studio the access to the folder.

Hi Remco,

Yes, Emlid Studio works well with such photos. Please double-check the folder name that appears in the Folder with photos section. Is it correct? Are there any subfolders? If everything looks ok, please share the _events.pos file and the photos with me. I’ll try to reproduce it on my PC.

Hi, it doesn’t have anything to do with the events, emlid studio doesn’t accept the folder with the photo’s in it…

Reach_M_raw_202204271541_events.pos (5.0 KB)

On the other hand, you have single solutions (Quality 5). You must be doing something wrong.

Thanks for the reply Jose, do you have any idea what it could be?

What gear are you using? you can upload your data ( Ubx and images ) to verify.

thank you, I’m using a Mettatec PPK kit on a phantom 4 pro - and a Emlid Reach RS as a ground station

Hi Remco,

I can see the events.pos file in the comment above. Did you share a folder with photos also, as Kseniia suggested? If not, please share the link to the data set for PPK to We’ll try to reproduce the described behavior.

thanks for the help and replies, I am going to do a new test, will keep you posted afterwards


Ok, great!

Hi Andrew, please see:

I have been testing PPK the last couple of months. The last time in a small mapping operations. After using the drone and base file, correcting the photo’s, the project was no more accurate than before correction. I have BTW corrected the .pos file, because number of photo’s was too high. I am sure I am making mistakes and of course dying to know what I do wrong. Would it be possible to upload my data here?

My equipment:

Emlid Reach RS
Emlid Reach M+
DJI Phantom 4 pro v2
Mettatec PPK set

Hi Remco,

Replied to you in this thread: Trouble with PPK / Drone data

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