Parani Bluetooth

I had posed a question a while back on connecting to a RS232 serial Bluetooth device. Here is the link to that thread

Tonight I finally got it to work. It was kind of dumb but all I had to do was enable the pin on the Parani with the same pin that was on my M2 and voila it connected.

I have a customer that wants to use his GPS monitor in a different fashion were it would not be a good place to have it and stringing wires was out of the question as well. Now I can add a Parani to his monitor and BT to a RS2 and he has GPS.

Now I have to try and figure out how I am going to do the PWM vavle control wirelessly. I started research on using two Nanos with BT to transmit and receive but I have to add the valves are 12V so there are some other things involved.

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