Bluetooth connection to SENA Parani SD1000 device

I am trying to connect BT to one of these devices

The RS2 and M2 do not see it when searching. I can connect to it with my laptop/tablet/phone. I am not sure if it is a BT protocol issue or what. I need to use SPP in my application.

Any ideas? Thanks

Hi @jp-drain-sol ,

To establish the Bluetooth connection, you need to initialize the pairing sequence on the receiver’s side. Here, the receiver is the Bluetooth serial adapter.

Can you clarify, please, do you use Parani’s adapter with a PC? Also, which version of the software is installed on your Reach RS2 and M2?

I attempted to connect via my laptop using the Parani. It wouldn’t. I will have to try it again this weekend to remember what it said.

Latest version Dev.

I actually use the Parani with some agricultural monitors, that do not have internal BT, to port things in via BT. That is what I am attempting to do.

Hi @jp-drain-sol,

If there’s no possibility to initiate the connection from the monitor’s side, then, I’m afraid, there’s no trivial solution for connecting the Reach receiver to a BT adapter.

However, since the adapter has a static MAC you can preliminary pair Reach with an adapter using a software on your PC. After that, you may set up the position output on Reach’s side and check if the connection establishes when you plug the adapter into the monitor.

Thanks for the input. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to test anything yet. Perhaps Sunday.

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