Output to RTKNAVI

I would like to test an M2 rover output with RTKNAVI, but I don’t find the Reachview said configuration page where you can redirect raw logs to tcpsvr.
And if I set the rover to base mode, RTKNAVI get satellites infos but can’t calculate a solution (even single).
Is this a limitation of the new version of Reachview (v2.22.6) ?

Hi @zipang,

At the moment, you can’t get raw logs from Reach in real-time. Could you please tell me more about the desired application? Maybe I can suggest an alternative workflow.

Hi Kseniia
Thanks for the answer.
I wish to test the M2 with RTKNAVI because you can tune RTK settings finely than with Reachview. For example, you can enter antenna parameters, which is not possible with Reachview (see my other post here).
As an awkward alternative I turn the Reach as a base station with Reachview, declare it as rover in RTKNAVI, and add an NTRIP Ephemeris server as additionnal correction, to get broadcast orbits RTCM messages.
It works and it clearly records an ~15 cm height difference with Reachview fix. On a known benchmark, RTKNAVI fix solution with antenna offset parameters is within 2 cm of actual benchmark height, and Reachview is 15 cm above.
I will be glad If you could have any explanation on this. My first hypothesis is that for M2 Reachview uses RS2 antenna parameters for base station (which have a 13.4 cm vertical offset).

Hi Pierre,

I’ve answered in your other thread where we’re already investigating this question. Please let’s continue the discussion there so as not to get confused.

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