Output real-time position to Arduino AND Pixhawk


I was wondering what would be the best option to output the position ( Reach ) to an arduino that control two camera ( to tag the exact position where the picture have been took ) and pixhawk for the autopilot. I can use the serial output for one or the other but i don’t know how to use it for both

I need the position every second or half second.


Hi! You can use USB-to-UART (example) adapter for a second connection.

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Thanks,i think my arduino will have enough power to understand USB so i guess i should use the USB to get my second output.Thanks for this information i didn’t knew it exist


Hi @vdiallonort,
I’m trying to log embeded sensor measures with gps information, did you success to use reach as gps for Pixhawk AND input the gps location in Arduino board?

Thanks for any information!

The trick is to use the earlier version of firmware - Reach image v1.2 and ReachView v0.4.9. Plug in a USB OTG cable to the USB and connect to a USB-serial converter and the DF13 connector to the GPS port of the pixhawk as usual. Reach software should automatically recognise the converter as an output device, and then its just a case of plugging to the tx and rx of the arduino and working like a normal serial device.

Yes that’s what i’ve understand, thanks for explainning, unfortunately i can’t get the 1.2 image working
(see Reach 1.2 firmware don’t start )
So i decided to stay with 2.3 firmware wich work fine, i hope 2nd output will be available in 2.3 soon.