OTG to land adapter Query - M2 + UE200

Hi I’m using the exact setup as discussed here to connect an M2 to LAN using tp-link UE200 lan adapter: (M2 FW 26.5)


Unfortunately the adapter will not work at mo. Do you know if it is still supported.



Hi Conor,

Some of our users successfully integrated Reach M2 with the TP-LINK UE200 adapter. We haven’t changed anything since then.

As such an integration isn’t worked for you now, please generate a Full System Report on your device. Full System Reports may contain sensitive information, so I’d recommend sharing them via support@emlid.com. It’ll allow us to investigate your case.

Thanks for getting back. I’ll send the files. Going to test on a second M2 for interest.


Hi there,

Just want to note that we’ve received data from Conor.

I’ll post an update in this thread as soon as we get any results.

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