OPUS solution is lower by 134mm compared to known elevation


I just got new RS2 and went through data collection over a known point and obtaining an OPUS solution.

As you mentioned I added 134mm to the pole height. My solution now is lower by 134mm compared to known elevation.

Is there someplace in the reachview already containing fixed value to ARP 134mm?
Using Using V2.22.4 of reachview.

You should measure to the base of the unit base, +134 mm. OPUS doesn’t read the rinex header antenna info. You have to enter the actual height in meters as shown below. Something’s not entered right. Maybe you selected an invalid antenna ? You should select “none”. The distance entered would compute to the ground mark

yes I have entered everything as such with +134mm. but the result is lower by 134mm.

I am wondering if setting static or kinematic makes a difference on base setting.

Hi @mkim,

I’ve answered in your other thread. Please let’s continue the discussion there to avoid confusion. I’ll close this one.

Thank you!