Operating the Base and River on 5G network

While laying down ground control points with the base and rover I am limited by the hills and obstacles by the two units using Lora. If I connect to the 5G hotspot it shouldn’t matter if there are trees and hills blocking the base and rover from seeing each other correct? Like if I go more than a half mile I lose the FIX. Just curious if the Base and Rover are on the 5G network will I be able to go like 5 miles from the base with the rover?


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You should get accurate results with NTRIP caster up to 60 km/ 37 miles
The physical obstacles between base & rover should not be of any consequence (unlike LoRa RTK)
The range vs accuracy of the Caster & RTK for that matter is discussed extensively here:


We’ve got an area in particular that is being newly developed but very rural and the closest CORS (3 of them) are all right at the centroid of the triangle. Data gets real sketchy but we have been able to at least collect a base point and run local NTRIP. We have also seen better accuracies. Not a lot but every 1/10ft helps.


Is a 5G network needed for NTRIP?

No, the type of connection doesn’t matter as long as you’re connected to the internet.