Openembedded layer support plan?


I had a quick look on your github repo, i could find any distro building method you are using. i want to learn if what you are using, if you are happy to share it, will it be buildroot, openembedded or vagrant?

when a dedicated embedded linux project spans, build and patch all the project file will be very intimidating by hand. for example now i want to add a 802.11ac rtl8812au USB dongle, i have to patch the driver conf, get kernel header, prepare build toolchain, build, test and deploy on the system, just for camera streaming over gstreamer.

will you guys please consider publish a openembedded layer/ meta distro?


We don’t build the whole distro by ourselves. We simply build a kernel with rt-patch and replace the default one with it in Raspbian. Plus do a couple of quick configurations. The source code of the modified kernel is here -

We can probably ship the distro with the kernel header package installed to speed the things up a little when building a new module.

I’ve found that Adafruit set up their build system for kernels based on Vagrant. I think we may use something similar in the future.


I have successfully build meta-raspberrypi yocto layer with your git repo version. later i will test kernel and build cross build arduipilot. my goal is write a ardupilot layer and rt kernel combined. when it’s functtional welcome to give it a try. my github account is taskx6004.

i strongly recommend yocto project for distro project, Intel Edison, TI omap, and Freescale Mx all have distro layers based on yocoto, and makefile is based on bash and python. i don’t have engaging experience with Vagarnt, but it based on Ruby. Maybe comparing them i would say Vagrant suits better for Web dev, Yocoto better for embedded project.

and another thing, i hope you guys could consider open source or publish the schematics of your board, that will make some hack or community driven hardware enhancement pace much faster.