OmniStar Support?

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is it possible, to get corrections on Reach M2/M+ via OmniStar or similar services?
What additional hardware would be needed or is there a hardware corresponding with Reach products?
Has anyone had any experience with this?


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Omnistar is not supported by Reach, Nor is RTX.

But I am uncertain why this would be a wanted feature. Having your own base station for RTK at a fraction of the yearly price of an Omnistar / RTK / RTX / Centerpoint subscription is the most cost effective accurate option of all.

Two M2’s will kick Omnistars butt any day of the week.

Testing with tractor guidance I also found the M2 drives straighter uncorrected, compared with a Trimble using its native WAAS guidance.


Now thats impressive

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Hi PotatoFarmer…would like to learn from your projects…very much interested in similar projects. Relatively cheap Precision Agric solutions.

Sometime it would be very interesting to see some really simple solutions for tractor guidance using the M2/RS2 solutions. What type of a system did you use?

Emlid and Ez Guide Plus 150

Here is some light reading on the subject. Hopefully you did not trade in your “Obsolete Equipment”. Anyone with a 150 can do this right away, there also is another farmer on here who pulled this off with a Raven guidance system. Teejet also has steering systems run off NMEA.

Need differential for autosteer

Also I am currently working on trying to interface with an Ez 250 and 500.

NMEA to TSIP Converter

The news is out Deere is robbing you for $15K just for an RTK unlocked globe and no steering or nav controller. I admit interfacing with the old Trimbles is more of a fun hobby. The real answer is moving to AG OPEN GPS. All I want and need is for the tractor to drive really really straight, I do not feel I should have to donate yearly to the mega corps just so they can steal my crop data, on my dime, waste my time, in an effort for Bayer and Cargill to put us out of business.

RTK saves a pile of time and money, if you can keep it for the Farm.


Hi Fabian,

As far as I know, OmniSTAR is the SBAS service provider. Reach receivers don’t work with SBAS corrections. However, satellite systems’ set tracked by our receivers includes GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Gallileo, which is more than enough for centimeter-accurate position calculation.

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