Old firmware

I’ve a problem with the new firmware on my reach rs+, never get the fix in rtk processor, with the old one I never ad this problem, there is a place where find the old version of the firmware? I can’t find anything…

Probably not firmware related, but setting-related?

I’ve the same setting that work before, and I try all the configuration… I receive the base position my reach rs+ seams to communicate with the base but no grey’s bar and no number of satellite of the base, and ofcourse no fix position

What firmware are you on now?
Can you post basic system reports for both base and rover?

The issue start with the 2.20.8 and now i’ve try the developer version 2.21.2 but same issue

I’m using NTRIP correction from smartnet service

This are the setting that work before the upgrade, but I’ve try every combination… only worse…

I confirm. I have RS 2. After 2.20.7, all firmware are terrible. Not as sad as yours, but NTRIP reception has become unstable and weak. It may just fall into a floating field amid a clean field, with the slightest approach to an obstacle the same thing. At 2.20.7 it was much more fun.

Do you know where web can find the 2.20.7 firmware? Or maybe do you have it and web can share?

I think the Emlid team is reading us, and generously will help us.

I Hope so… Maybe they can create a section in the website with all firmare versione…

Just couple of questions.
Is it a VRS service you use?
Why is SNR set so low?

Edit: I see its a single stationary basestation.
So you dont need to tick for VRS. But you should rais SNR to 35 and keep it there.
Could you provide datasheet for the NRT3-RDN station?

How can i find the datasheet? From my provider? Or maybe in some log from the reach?

Your provider. I tried to look but its all Italian

Mm very bar… The service it’s from Leica… They are Always not nice when i ask information to configure not leica hardware :weary:

With any ntrip provider you can receive corrections in your RS2 or RS +. You have the SNR set incorrectly and you have many satellites selected.

verify the constellations that your provider issues corrections and select them in rechview

If the image is from the rover? modify from static to kinematic, the mask 15 degrees SNR 35.

as say in the contract i recive the correction for gps and glonass, but as i say befor i try every configuration, included the standard 15/35 mask and selecting only the two constellation provided by my rtk service… (even right now i’ve this configuration) but no correction obteined… seams like the rover can comunicate with the service, obtein the position from the base but isnt able to obtein the correction of the satellites from the base… i think it’s some missing in the RTCM3 comunication.


Some services don’t pass info about SNR therefore you won’t see grey bars in Reachview.

Make sure the connection with NTRIP caster is established in Correction input tab. Then check the receiver outside to make sure there are enough good satellites for RTK.

From your screenshot, we can see that there are only 2 green satellites which is insufficient for RTK.

Yes beacouse i was insider, buy ive try outside and no correcrion even with a loro of satellite, buy as i Say before, before the new firmware my reach was able to do the correcrion and i to show the graybar and the Number of satellite of the base.
Ofcourse with the same provider…