Odroid-C1 and Navio+

Is there a HowTo on this Subject?
Just received my Odroid-C1 today, and im waiting for the Navio+… :smile:

Could someone just explain the basics…
Thx in advice.

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Hi, the APM port for Odroid-C1 with Navio is not complete yet. Please give us some time:)
When it’s ready we’ll also release documentation on how to set up everything.
Programming examples will work with minor modifications, the docs will be updated with the necessary information about it.


Hi again.
Is there any progress made in this matter?
Any ETA?

Just curious.

Hi Bernt,
I have good news! Together with other users from Odroid community we’ve managed to build a stable real time kernel for Odroid C1. I will make a properly set up SD card image with it and will upload it in a day or two.

So for APM only two things are left:

  1. GPS support - I think there’s something wrong with modes in SPI driver, so the data from the GPS comes in wrong format.
  2. RCInput support - we’re currently researching how it can be done on Amlogic S805
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Odroid-C1 port is not complete yet, we are still working on RCInput and GPS SPI.

But if anyone wants to play with it in it’s current “alpha” state, here’s what we got.

SD card image of minimal Ubuntu 14.04 with RT kernel and everything set up:

Standalone RT kernel deb package for installation on existing system:

ArduPilot’s port to OdroidC1+Navio is in navio-odroidc1 branch:
It can be compiled directly on OdroidC1, takes just a minute. To compile it run in APMrover2\ArduCopter\ArduPlane:

make navio-odroidc1 -j5

Is there a suggested wiring diagram for odroid, in order to use it on a drone ?

Rui, it is the same as for RPi.


Has there been any progress on gps inputs?

Waiting to buil my quad not very good at linux.


We are working on it. We would probably had everything working already if Amlogic S805 had a proper datasheet. It’s just 120 pages and that’s not enough for a modern processor. Even the STM32F4 has a 200-pages datasheet:)

Hello guys!

For the past several weeks we’ve been working on the Odroid-C1 APM port.

It almost works. Unfortunately, the Linux kernel drivers for SPI and I2C are not in the proper state. The SPI driver has been fixed with a few hacks (thus GPS works). And for now the serious issue that stops us from announcing APM support is a buggy I2C Linux kernel driver. We’re waiting for a feedback from Hardkernel on this issue.

Thx for the update staroselskiy.
I’m really looking forward to test Odroid-C1 with navio. Let`s hope Hardkernel will give this high priority.

Hello guys,

Wold be great to see it when is all working!
can’t wait!, Odroid C1 with Navio+
i’m keeping my hope up!

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I’m also desperate to get this working… I urgently need more power. :slight_smile:

Does making Odroid-C1 work still make sence after the introduction of PRi 2? They are about the same in performance, arent they?

Odroid-c1 performs better. See the comparison tables here: Showdown: Pi 2 vs ODROID C1 vs HummingBoard vs MIPS CI20

Hello. Could you please provide an update and ETA on the navio+ and Odroid-C1 APM port?

I2C is still buggy on Odroid. We may try to fix it later by ourselves, but at the moment we are busy with other tasks.

While we are working on other stuff, maybe there is someone interested and capable of fixing C1 I2C driver?
We offer free Navio+ kit for a person who would fix Odroid-C1 I2C driver from stopping transactions (it starts returning errors on all transactions after a couple of minutes of working with multiple I2C chips) and makes it overall reliable.

I would like to try what you currently have for the odroid-c1. Could you make it available for me to download?