Odroid-C1 and Navio+


We have a separate odroidc1 branch with APM code and a Linux kernel on Github.

markwinger, were you able to fly using the odroidc1 branch?

Is anyone flying successfully and safe with the Odroid-C1 instead of the RPi-2?

I can try helping fixing the Odroid-C1 I2C driver.
Please point me to the latest code you have if different from previous link from George.

Or is there too many cooks on it yet?

Just want to add that Odroid-C1 is soldout and undergoing a new HW revision for August/September.

Have you contacted them to see what change they are doing to the layout to make sure the Navio+ is still going to fit?

Anybody has a trace of the I2C bus to see if the bus is held by a slave? and which slave was last communicating with the master.

Also the branch pointed earlier by George probably needs a rebase to pick up the latest i2c changes that are in the diydrones/ardupilot repo (or at least cherry pick the I2C commit).


The last few years I’ve been working on embedd systems with realtime preemptive linux kernel for making live music. RPI ver. B and Odroid-C1 are the prefered platforms. In my last hardware project I managed successfully to compile a patched kernel from original hardkernel git and extracted and applied the emlid rt-patches, too. My version is 3.10.75-rt80.
Yesterday I published a video about Odroid-C1 with that kernel and some touch sensitive sensors (MPR121) from freescale/adafruit to develop a sensor driven midi instrument. The MPR121 use I2C and allow to use maximal 4 of them on the I2C bus. It works pretty fine for me. The kernel sources are available from my website.

There is a video about this project on

The Bosch BME280 (Humidity, pressure and emperature sensor) works fine, too. It is also an I2C device. See

Is there a dev forum for AVIO+?

Short answer is no, Odroid C1 support is in dev state and is not stable in any way.

@Mathieu We did shoot an email to Hardkernel with our suggestions, but it is up to them to listen or not.

The issue that we experienced was not related to APM drivers, but to I2C driver in Odroid in general. Do you have a Navio+ to make a test with?

Hi Igor,

Thanks for clarifying.
I have ordered a navio+ last week from roboshop.ca


Its been quiet for some time now in here… Was there any progress made regarding the I2C issues? i have an Odroid C1+ that i would like to compare to the Pi2 and then i want to use the one which is faster with my additional tasks (i think the odroid would win if the drivers work correctly).

We are not going to support Odroid. It offers no real benefit and requires a significant effort from our side. Not worth it. Raspberry Pi 3 is much faster now.