Ntrip with caster base RS2 and rover RS2

good evening I have an rs2 base and an RS2 rover I registered on caster and I have my username.
my question if I connect in ntrip with my RS2 base on my mobile box, do I have an rtk correction without using my teria subscription?
once the base is connected my rover RS2 is in lora radio communication with the base, do i have the rtk correction or do i also have to connect the rover in ntrip?
if i have to connect the two in ntrip correction via caster what is the base and radio communication for?
i’m new to your technology i’m on spectra normally, with teria vrs correction via a sim card.

You could connect to the NTRIP with your rover to set a base point and then occupy it with your base by entering the coordinates manually and then run the caster to the rover. Curious though if you have decent NTRIP why would you need a base? With NTRIP you would be able to survey in the local coordinate system it can provide corrections for. If you are using the local base and rover you would need to use the WGS84 coordinates.

I want to use the RS2 base with an RS2 rover on a boat drone for bathymetry. I don’t want the boat to lose the fix.

As long as you have a decent broadband signal you shouldn’t lose the fix with the Emlid Caster.

thank you for your answer if I connect the base in ntrip caster it will communicate the correction to the rover in radio lora? because where the boat is, I don’t have a telecom network.

Understood. If there is no mobile broadband then NTRIP will not work in any scenario except for the possibility that you can use it to setup a point for the base that is close enough to the area that you are surveying.

Since you will be out on the water if your base has a good line-of-sight to it then you should be able to get a mile of coverage. How far from the base are you needing to get?

Another option is to log the point for the base beforehand and us PPK to correct it before you start surveying.


the base will be in an area where there is a telecom network so internet it will be less than a kilometer from the boat on lakes.

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So you should be able to use your Rover on ntrip to set a base point and then setup your base and survey normally with LoRa corrections.

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Hi @itechdrone2017,

Agree with Michael. I just want to conclude on NTRIP and LoRa connections usage.

For the NTRIP connection, both base and rover should be provided with the Internet. With Reach RS2 and NTRIP, you can work on up to 60 km baseline in RTK.

For the LoRa radio connection, the Internet is not needed. If there is a line of sight between the base and rover, LoRa achieves a range up to 8 km.

Please note that you can’t connect the base and rover via NTRIP and LoRa radio simultaneously.


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