Ntrip setting lost (RS2)

I’m using two RS2, one of them as a base the other as a rover. They are connected with LoRa, which is working really good. sometimes I have to change to ntrip via mobile network. But every time I switch from LoRa to ntrip my ntrip settings are gone. That is annoing! Is there a possibility to switch between LoRa to ntrip without loosing the settings?
(I’m using the last stable firmware)

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I had the same issue. It would be a nice feature request. Store NTRIP data as I use 4 or 5 different states CORS networks.

This is supported in ReachView 3 Beta

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thank you!

Thank you for the information!
When will ReachView be out of beta for productive use?

Hi @gernot.w,

I’m afraid we can’t provide you with any certain ETAs for now. We’ll anounce the full release once it’s out. Currently, you can follow the updating process of the ReachView 3 beta in this community forum thread.

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