NTRIP parameters not editable in ReachView3 (still issue)

I am referring to that post

NTRIP parameters not editable in ReachView3

we’re currently facing the same issue .
we’ve update reachview apps (the only one available is 5.5beta on PLAYSTORE)
Firmware is 2.24.2

the only solution we found was to go into ReachView v2 and force the modification of NTRIP setting in Correction INPUT.
so for the moment the issue is still present with REACHVIEW3 apps.


Hi Antoine,

I’ve just double-checked this on my Android device and I could edit the parameters of the NTRIP. I use the stable ReachView 3 5.5.

May I ask you to use the out-of-beta version of the ReachView 3 app? You might need to reinstall it on your device.

Hi Polina
thanks for your prompt reply.
OK will do… however the only apps available on PLAY STORE is the beta

where can I find stable ReachView 3 5.5 ?

Hi Antoine,

Please check the app here. The ReachView 3 app has already come out of the beta testing and now can be used as a main configurational app for Reach receivers.

Please reinstall your app to have access to the latest updates. Please keep me informed on your results.

Hi Polina,
ok I will.

As a remark : we’ve noticed in the CSV exported from a survey project that if we use other kind of character than simple ASCII Character Codes there will be some display issue when one reads the csv (eg in description field).
this is a common issue when a apps doesn’t accept Unicode (UTF-8, UTF-16, …)

So my wonder was that for NTRIP profil name it would be suitable to use only
ASCII 7-bit code.

Hopefully when we edit and change NTRIP profil name using only ASCII Character Codes it works much better !
In other word We’ve removed character such as opening/closing parenthesis in NTRIP profil name, and it seems to work better.

anyways we will install the apps again.

thank you for the tips.


In Samsung J7 it is not possible to edit the ntrip parameters, but in Xiaomi 8 it is. It must be an android version problem. and the minus sign on the keyboard doesn’t work on the J7 either


Thanks for the report! We’ll check if there’s anything we can do about the displaying issue.

Do I understand correctly that it’s possible to edit the NTRIP name so that you can remove some characters?


Could you please specify the OS version of your Samsung J7? Are you using the updated ReachView 3 5.5 on both devices?

Android Version 6.0.1 and Rechview 5.5 Samsung J7
Adroid Version 10 QKQ1.191014.001 Rechview 5.5 Xiaomi 8

Thanks for the information! We’ll check what could be the reason for it.

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Hey everyone,

Please update your ReachView 3 to 5.6 version and check if the issue persists.

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Hi Polina, now if you can edit the type of corrections in the Samsung J7, but the minus sign still does not appear on the keyboard in version 5.6.
Opening RV2 from RV3 the graphics are distorted

Hi Polina,
excuse my english

Do I understand correctly that it’s possible to edit the NTRIP name so that you can remove some characters?

Yes I confirm. Edit a profil is possible. However as Florian BIROT stated in NTRIP parameters not editable in ReachView3

we face the same issue namely in CORRECTION INPUT tab “Clicking on the pen icon does nothing. The other edit icons behaves well. Only the NTRIP icon is like frozen.”

we use a BV9100 smartphone
with ANDROID v9



Great to know you can edit the parameters now!

Regarding the minus sign, this is related to the keyboard you use on your smartphone. Some of them don’t have the minus sign indeed. You can install, for example, the Google Keyboard which comes with a minus sign for sure.

To resolve the issue with the distorted graphics, please, reinstall the app. If the issue remains, please, create a separate community thread with the description of it so that we don’t mix different issues in one thread.

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Thanks for the double-check! We’ll look into what might go awry here and I’ll be back with the news.

Hey everyone,

We can’t reproduce this behavior on the latest versions of the app.

Please share with us the screenshots of your NTRIP profiles using the My NTRIP Profiles section in Profile tab. This won’t show your password so it’s safe. However, you can still share them with me in PM.

This will help us to understand if the issues are connected with the specifics of your NTRIP credentials.

Hi Polina,
from my point of view when we edited NTRIP PROFILE NAME and removed the weird character such as opening/closing parenthesis … then everything was easier and functioning well.
Now in correction INPUT menu we are able to Click on the pen icon.
for me there is no longuer any bug.

Tested also With ReachView update 5.6

is it clear ?

Hi Antoine,

Thanks for the update! Good to know you can edit the parameters now!

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