NTRIP over BLE has been hidden

For the past several months I was unable to access NTRIP over BLE, thinking that perhaps my Android device had become outdated (Even though they run on Android 13)
Today I stumbled on this YouTube video hosted by E38 solutions. (great company BTW)

So now I realize the feature had been hidden.
Why did Emlid not inform us that the feature was hidden here all along?
Why the secrecy?
I have posted my concerns about not being able to access BLE at least twice and no one made this suggestion.

Am I the only one that had this blunder?

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Probably a reason for hiding it to avoid other issues?

But, yeah, in your case and probably others, probably a good idea to put it out in the open to be toggled.

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Were you aware of it?
and if so, how did you find it?

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I “happened” to see it in a post a long while back. I think it was a post by an Emlid person. Kinda like activating Developer Mode on Android!


The video I shared the link to, makes reference to tapping the profile icon (in Emlid Flow) repeatedly until a mystery window pops up. That mystery window unlocks entry to the BLE switch.

The reason behind hiding this feature is that we want to limit its usage until we are confident enough in it. On iOS we have recently made it available to everyone, as we have done extensive testing and received a lot of feedback from the early users, which lead us to believe that it is ready for everyone to use. On Android we are still in the process of ironing out all the issues, before we are ready to make it the default way of working with our devices. As the fleet of Android devices is very diverse and Bluetooth implementations and capabilities are vastly different, it is taking longer than expected.


Thanks for the response Igor.
If I am able to connect my receiver via BLE - Will my measurements be adversely affected.
I really need an alternative since, at times my receivers go offline from a Wi-Fi standpoint.

It’s not going to affect the measurements, our main concerns are about the instability of connection with some phone models and users getting bad experience as the result. Some settlings are not available over Bluetooth as well, which could be confusing for new users. If connection to your phone works well, you can definitely use Bluetooth. I use it all the time and it is a much nicer user experience overall.