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We are looking at getting a Reach 2+ for marking GCPs for drone mapping. As I understand it, a Reach can be used without a base unit if connected to NTRIP. Can anyone recommend a NTRIP provider in Maryland?

Yes, if your environment can maintain a decent data connection and if that’s the case you should think about an RX. I have heard of KeyNet but know nothing about them. From what I understand Maryland doesn’t have a public network so you may not have much of an option. If you live within 40-50km of your flight areas you could use an RS2/RS2+ as you own NTRIP CORS. There are other options but it depends on what kind of drone you have.


Yeah, from what I understand there is no free provider in Maryland. I could possibly set up a base at home but most of my projects tend to be scattered all over the region. I will look into Key Net. I’ve had a hard time finding a provider via internet search.


Hi James, I use the HxGN SmartNet - Satellite Positioning Service here in Texas and have good results with the service. Or course you have to have cell/internet service in order to use it.
I plugged in some info pertaining to your location into the website subscription calculator and it would run you about $208.33/mo ($2,496.99 + tax for 1yr sub., paid at start of service) for the SmartNet Mid-Atlantic South (5303422) Sub-Regional Coverage—Includes coverage in MD, VA & WV, so not exactly cheap. I pay a little more than 1/2 that amount for state wide service in Texas. Not cheap either, but I wouldn’t be without the service. I envy the states that have free or low cost connections!

Here are a couple of links to the service:
HxGN SmartNet - Satellite Positioning Service

And here is a link to their write up on the following question:
Network RTK — Is it worth it?

Partial Network Coverage Map for your area

And here is another discussion that you might be interested in viewing:

Good Luck, Mark

Thanks you so much. This is great information. Hoping to find a service I can go month to month for now but will take what we can get.

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Do some testing with rtk2go.com This might be enough and checking the map, there are 3 or so stations in Maryland. It’s just that there is no guarantee those bases will continue transmitting forever. You could increase coverage though withou your own base in that network.


Or that they positions they transmit are anywhere near correct…

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Interesting. So is that data crowd sourced?

Yes, anyone can contribute with their base and they themselves decide the base coordinates.


Yeah, rtk2go is definitely caveat emptor.
I guess if we wanted to validate, having access to a 24h raw log of a base would be interesting.

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