NTRIP for Dummies (Me)

I can’t for the life of me figure out setting up NTRIP.
The whole wifi on, off, connect, close app, open app, reconnect, open reachview 3 thing is driving me crazy!

I’m generally pretty good at working this stuff out so i’m obviously missing something really obvious here.

So my set up is:-
2 Reach RS+ units set up in either Reachview or Reachview 3. All firmware, apps etc updated to current versions.
I’m trying to get the base and rover set up and receiving NTRIP connections but if i try and connect the Reach RS+ to NTRIP this obviously means i need to connect it to the hotspot on my phone… but each time i do that it means i lose the connection between the Reach and my phone as i need it for data for NTRIP.

I’m even confused trying to explain it and the amount of different ways i’ve seen people attempt to explain it in various forums has a different methodology each time.

I have an ipad with sim for data so presume there is no need to connect to anything else network wise other than back to the Reach?

If anybody could spare a few minutes to explain the set up process i’d really appreciate it or point me to somewhere with clear guidance as the i’m afraid the Emlid docs do not even explain the process fully taking into account using various devices for connectivity.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

I use a tablet for reachview and phone for hotspot. Your phone cannot do hotspot and wifi at the same time. If nothing else use an old Android phone for reachview, your current phone for hostspot. connect both the receiver and the RS+ to the hotspot and you are in business.

Thank you for the response!
Yes i can see how i’m going to have to use separate devices now which is a pain but there you go.

“connect both the receiver and the RS+ to the hotspot”
What do you mean receiver and RS+?.. I presume you mean the Android device?
Over the last few days i have been unable to connect using my Android device and only on my iphone and ipad.

Are you based in the uk?
I’ve trying to connect to www.rtk2go.com for NTRIP but it wont work… or maybe it’s because of the issues i’ve had trying to connect to a network over hot spots etc.

Hi, Michael!

  1. Why do you need to receive NTRIP corrections on rover AND base station simultaneously? You plan to use them both as rovers? Otherwise, you don’t need RTK corrections on your base all the time. You can connect it to your hotspot, put it in a base mode, so it calculates the position, based on NTRIP caster corrections. Then, you disconnect it from the hotspot and use LoRa for correction transmission from base to your rover. In this way you don’t even need NTRIP corrections on your rover, since the base will send them.

  2. If you plan to use both your devices as rovers, obviously, you will use 2 phones. So, you can connect each receiver to it’s own phone. If, however, you need yo use them with one phone (or tablet), you can’t walk too far from both your receivers, since they both are connected to your hotspot.

Can you describe the workflow you want to achieve?



It’s probably how i’ve worded it but you are right i don’t want corrections from both units, i want to use the base and rover but just receiving corrections from one.
The points you raised in the first paragraph are interesting.
I hadn’t even thought of correcting the base with NTRIP for the initial set up and then disconnecting!
So you’re effectively creating your own “known point” at this stage and all work carried out is relative to that corrected location.


Exactly. You can use local NTRIP for getting corrections for your base(via internet) and then using you base for getting corrections for your rover (via lora). Usually, I get even better results with it, than using NTRIP caster on my rover (in case, your baseline is very long).

So do you disconnect from NTRIP completely once the base has established it’s base coordinates?
Do you set a certain amount of time to collect data. Presumably as average single or average fix?

Average FIX, since you have NTRIP. You can set 2 minutes. From my observation, position doesn’t change much on average FIX.

I’m still falling at this hurdle…
How can i connect to the base for NTRIP corrections.
I can’t connect to my Reach RS+ base without connecting to it via the Reach wifi… but this stops me being able to connect via my hot spot to my phone as it says i can’t be connected via two hotspots…

Setup your phone as a Hotspot connect to the hotspot with the RS+ as a known network. Both are on the same network. Your phone is just sharing data.

Phone is set to hot spot and it’s set to mobile data etc… the phone hot spot is found in the Reachview dashboard under the wifi tab but as soon as i click on it it tells me connect to the same network as Reach… but that just means i have to connect again by wifi because the devices don’t show up in Reachview to connect to.

Do the opposite. Connect the phone/tablet that you will control ReachView with to the hotspot too. The Reach will be visible once both it and the controller are connected to the cell’s hotspot. Here’s a diagram I drew on one of the millions of papers that litter my desk when a student asked me how he could connect his Reach using RTN:

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Yep i get that but how do i connect the Reach to hot spot? I do as in the attached pics.
But after it tells me to connect to the same network as the Reach, I then do that, in this case the CAT S61 but they won’t connect. It never works if I try the android or the iPhone as hot spots.

Absolutely nothing is working.
No matter what combination of phones, tablets in wifi, hotspot, 4G etc. I simply cannot get the whole thing linked.

You got it! Seems like a load off.

What do you mean?

I’m just saying that rather than correcting from and maintaining an NTRIP fix is not necessary. A local base and rover is always more accurate. I have been testing a service and it is 3-5cm out from our professional localization which is ok for some instances, but when we have 1/4" tolerance on some projects it is not. We need at worst 3cm.

I think you will find a big benefit from a local base even if you cast it over the internet.

Michael, when you connect Reach to your phone’s hotspot, you already are on the same network, since your phone is your network’s core. Just connect your Reach to your hotspot, then go to Reachview and you will see your Reach there. No need to connect your phone to your phone’s hotspot.

Just trying to see if you’re stuck in SSID hell. Are you doing this?

  1. Disable hotspot on first mobile phone
  2. Boot Reach
  3. Connect second mobile/tablet to Reach WiFi
  4. In ReachView, set SSID (network name) and password
  5. Power down Reach
  6. Enable hotspot on first phone
  7. Boot Reach and check it connects to the hotspot with LEDs
  8. Connect second phone to hotspot
  9. Verify you can access Reach in ReachView on second phone

It’s really long winded, but if it’s not done exactly in this order, Reach will try to connect to any SSID it already has in memory. Make sure you’re outside, away from any other WiFi, or make sure you have removed any other SSID entry in ReachView.

Aside from that, I have no idea what might be causing your problems, although with the M+ there was the issue of not having visible satellites that prevented it from booting correctly. So again, try doing this outside.


That could well be my issue!
Thank you very much for that workflow. I’ll try it shortly.
I have seen lots of comments about having to connect everything in a sequence but nobody has ever produced clear guidance on it.
Hopefully yours will work.
Thanks again!