NRCan accuracy with RS+

This is about 3 years late but I was looking for information on using the CRSR-PPP system with a single frequency receiver (Reach RS+) in the yukon and came across your post. I have done several 4 hour captures now and cannot seem to get better than 1.5m accuracy using the NRcan system. Are you able to get the ~10-30cm accuracy shown above using a single frequency system over 4 hours or is a much longer capture required?
I also have a Reach RS2 on order and I wasnt going to use the RS+ for static capture but after trying it several times as an experiment I am extremely frustrated that I am not able to get close to the advertised accuracy (~30cm horizontal)
Dont know if you’ll see this but I figured id reach out (hehe no pun intended) any help is greatly appreciated

Hi @overwatchuav,

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The single-band receivers are prone to be more affected by the signal quality in such tasks as PPP positioning. Such a result might be caused by a list of various factors including the number of satellites on the unit, the length of observations of these satellites, the signal quality at this given day and conditions and etc.

Overall, there are fewer observations from the single-band RS+ than a multi-band RS2, but the result also depends on the computation method used by NRCAN. For instance, the finest and precise solution called “Final” might be provided only after 13-15 days from the end of the week when the observations were made, which might affect your result too.

For RS+ I’d recommend recording a Static log fro more than 4 hours just to be sure that you’ve collected more data with good quality and constant satellite reception.

Hi Artem,

Thanks for the reply. I have tried both 4 hour and 8 hour static log periods and the best accuracy I was able to achieve was about .8m with the RS+. I also have an RS2 and the difference in performance, logging from exactly the same spot, is amazing. In 4hrs with RS2 I was able to get .017m accuracy. I would still like to make the RS+ work to its potential though so are there any other tips you can give me for logging? Is there any way to find the best time of day for logging? ( I had noticed I get many more satellites in the evening) The point I am logging over is about 10m from a 35ft house and 10-15m from trees about 30ft high surrounding it. Should I look for a more open area?
Again any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi @overwatchuav,

I’m afraid I can’t come up with particular advice on logging time as it vastly depends on your area, particular satellite view, and many other factors. The general rule is the longer the observation - the higher the probability of collecting enough data to get an increased precision. For example, one of our users logged the data with RS+ for 24 hours and got relatively good accuracy. He shared his experience in this thread.

Also, please keep in mind that the final accuracy also depends on the NRCAN’s ephemerides. Final ephemeride, giving the highest accuracy is only available after 13 days of the recorded observations.

Regarding the surroundings, the easiest way to check the placement of the RS+ is its SNR plot from the raw log. We have an article on how to analyze the logs, which might be pretty handy here.

Once you convert the raw log, you can check the SNR level and the log quality overall. The fewer cycle slips and the more charts with SNR reaching 40-45, the better is the log. I’d recommend comparing the raw data from different places and time slots, but I’m afraid there is no universal advice in that case since single-band receivers are still behind the multi-band ones when it comes to PPP processing.

Hi Artem,

Thanks so much for all your help. We recently started using an RS2 and have been absolutely blown away by the results. Ideally I would like to upgrade to another RS2 and an M2. Is there a place on the forums that allows listing lightly used equipment for sale?
I have an RS+ that has been used for a total of 18 hours and an unopened M+ w/ antenna and hotshoe connector that I would like to sell. i have seen “for sale” posts on here before but they were posted quite a while ago. Is this something you guys still allow on your forums?

I know it is an unrelated question to this topic but I was unsure who to ask.

Thanks again for all your help

If not possible on the forums, you can try the emlid users facebook group.

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