NON Pixhawk camera trigger

I’m looking into purchasing the Reach receiver for PPK with RINEX data from my country’s CORS network. I fly a non Pixhawk system (DJI Matrice 600 Pro), so I need to find a way to trigger the camera. Still looking at some options, but I think I narrowed it down to a Sony A6000. The Reach module can send a trigger pulse to the camera, so this means I would need something like this, correct?

Where would this connect to the Reach board?

And lastly, how do I connect the hotshoe to the Time Mark pin?

Okay… I didn’t search thoroughly enough… this was very helpful:

Question remains is how to trigger the camera though. Would this be a good option?

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Yes. Testing today.

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hello. And if i want to use a camera like gopro or mapir survey cameras to be conected to emlid reach. is it possible to get time marks? how to do it?

new mapir cameras have a usb por to connect to a external gps. is it possible to get the time marks when camera is triggered?


Following this thread I’m looking at integrating a Reach module with a Canon 5D MK II, which is mounted on a Ronin MX gimbal on a Matrice 600 Pro. The Ronin MX has a 12V P-TAP accessory power port, if I used a Tuffwing Reach Hot shoe time mark cable ( ) is it feasible to power the Reach from the P-TAP accessory power port? I assume I would need a cable like this: and then cut the barrel end off and connect it to the Tuffwing cable?
Alternately the M600 also has an accessory power board with unused XT60 and XT30 power ports, perhaps powering the Reach through an XT30 plug might be simpler?

I believe that you can power Reach with a P-Tap to USB adapter.

Thank you very much!

The cables and USB arrived. I have one last question - the Tuffwing power cable that needs to be cut and soldered onto the USB connector only has 3 wires, a red black and green. Can I assume I can use this same position of where to solder the wires as is in this diagram and just leave the port where the white wire would go blank?16 PM

Hi all,
No solution to have Emlid on Matrice 600 Pro and X5 camera for RTK/PPK?
Please inform me about.