No serial ports over USB - Reach

Please, I have to install any driver in windows to have my reach sending corretions using USB ?

because I have no serial ports after conection. Only this 2 CDC entries over other Devices, looks like I need a driver.


With my Reach RS (non-plus, Edison cpu) BASE, I get this with USB cable plugged into receiver micro-usb and standard USB pc port:


When I plug in addition, my other Reach RS (non-plus, Edison cpu) ROVER, I get this (note additional COM5 and COM 6 now):


Awhile back though when I was dealing with this simple USB cable connection from receivers to Windows 10 PC, I had a real hell of a time with drivers etc. You may have to go through that also.
(Reach RS is not detected intermittently in Device Manager (Windows 10))

ok thanks, my one is windows 7, really strange.

fixed - Download the drivers from here.