No RMS displayed for RS2

I’m testing our brand new RS2. :grinning: So far I’m very happy with faster fixes, and better performance with some canopy (even though this has limits of course).

One thing about the RS2, Using reachview v2.20.4 : there is often no RMS indicated on the status page, nor in the LLH log or the position output streams.
However, there is RMS and lateral RMS in the survey tool exports, and the point details give full RMS for each dimension.
These are visible on the survey page while collecting for a poitn. But not when idle.
So the data seems to be somewhere, but not displayed.

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Hi @Johannes_Eberenz,

Thanks for the report!

We’re solving this issue now. The fix will be available in one of the future firmware updates.


Dear Tatiana, i see v2.20.6 included accuracies in the NMEA stream, but on the ReachView status it’s still not displayed.
I guess it’s still on the agenda?

Hi Johannes,

Yes, we’ll fix this in one of the following updates. I’ll inform you once it’s available.

Hi Johannes,

RMS values are displayed now in the v2.21.0 dev firmware version.

You can update your device by following this guide.



That should have a place in the list of fixes in the description of the new firmware, shouldn’t it?


Hi Christian,

Thanks for noticing, we’ve just added this!


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