No NTRIP Corrections over 2G with RS2

i use the RS2 with an iPhone12 and NTRIP (SAPOS Germany/Lower Saxony).
In Germany there is no more 3G but only 2G.

When i use the Internetconnection from the iPhone (4G/5G) everything works fine.
When i use MobileData over the RS2 (2G) the Connection is established, but my iPhone becomes no Internetconnection over the Hotspot/wlan.
It should be slow not nothing.
Has Anyone an Idea?

Does your phone hve 2/3g capabilities? If so, lock it to 2/3g only and scan the area with e.g Network analyzer to see what kind of network it is.
Our 3G is also shut down but in some area there is still 3G coverage with no data transmition, thus the need to force a 2G mode for it to receive data.

En mi pais (Ecuador), lo he utilizado con 2G sin ningún problema, lo que si yo recibo las conexiones a través de una tercera aplicación.

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rs2 does not support 2g connection. I wrote about it to emlid but no one has commented on it. The introduction of rs2 + only confirmed my assumptions that the GSM modem is faulty in RS2.

Hi Florian,

Please share the Full system report from your RS2 to

2G coverage may not be good even if there is no 2G shutdown. But the signal is weak, we should see it in the report.

If you could test what @TB_RTK suggested, it would be nice too!

Hi Florian,

I can confirm your problem. :+1:t3:

Using a SIM card in the RS2 will result in 2G. (I use a Congstar LTE data SIM.)
Setting up the unit as a hotspot no other device is able to connect to it. :scream:
I checked it with an iPhone, an Android tablet and with a Microsoft Surface.
Now we are royally screwed.

Grüße :wink:


Hi Buddy,

Let’s troubleshoot your case as well. I couldn’t find if we checked it before with you, so additional info can help. If you’ve already reported it, just let me know.

Does it happen only when SIM is inserted? If so, do you share mobile data from Reach in a hotspot mode?

FWIW I just tested RS2 with 2G and no issue. Beta 1 is the most stable version so far that I have tested with these units.

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My post was more in general info and also a reply to [geodezja-skwierzyna] (Profile - geodezja-skwierzyna - Emlid Community Forum) post. (quote added)

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