Does RS2 support 2G?

As a follow up on this Steve, all 3G will be shut down in the US by the end of this year. AT&T has already discontinued and Verizon Wireless will be (approximately), the last day of 2022.

Per @svetlana.nikolenko suggestion, a hotspot is the best way to go. I typically like to avoid SIM card technology at all cost (at least in North America)

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Hi @geodezja-skwierzyna,

Reach RS2 supports 2G. And it should be enough to obtain a Fix with NTRIP. What’s exactly happening with the solution? Does it drop to Float or Single?

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Hi Zach,

As I know, in the USA, 2G will be disabled as well. And in this case, a hotspot is the best way, indeed. But in some countries, we expect a 3G shutdown only. So, 2G should work fine there.

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GSM range has only one dash. when the range is so weak, I cannot turn on the data transmission. And even when it’s on and it’s 2G (GPRS EDGE) it doesn’t get FIX in ntrip, it seems to me that the gsm modem must have a very good range to connect to ntrip. old CHC to go in places where emlid does not get fix just because gsm does not connect to the internet.

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Is your SIM card configured to switch to 2G when the 3G signal is weak? For example, if you insert it into your mobile phone, does it show 2G?

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Yes. the same card in the nautiz x7 is running on the edge. when I can’t get FIX on RS2 I put nautiza card and it works great on CHC. this is not an isolated incident. the friend also has RS2 and the symptoms are identical.

Hmm, interesting. Please generate the Full system report on your device when the SIM is inserted and send it to I’ll take a look.

Hello. I sent the system report. in the evening I will paste the link to the movie.

I received the report, thanks!

Thank you for taking the time to record the video! I’ll consider it along with the report.

hello. I’m sorry for asking, but yesterday I had the same case and I wanted to throw rs2 into the trash. have any conclusions from the data already been obtained?


The current version is that the Internet coverage is too weak to work properly—even 2G coverage. But we’re still checking the report to ensure this is the only reason.

please explain to me why rs2 cannot establish sufficient GSM connection to handle NTRIP? is the built-in 3G modem weak enough to get a residual GPRS EDGE connection? for me it is a disappointment that I cannot accept in this class of instrument. for me, this modem does not support 2G because each brand has a different instrument of the old generation CHC, STONEX here gets FIX without any problem. it’s a shock to me. I can record a video of CHC or STONEX working in places where the RS2 has no FIX

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Reach RS2 switches to 2G if the 3G signal is weak. The weakness/strength of the signal is the measurable value. Let’s say there is the exact value that makes Reach RS2 switch to 2G.

In real life, it’s very hard to notice this transition: 3G is either solid, or there is no 3G at all, and Reach works with 2G only. But borderline cases may occur too, and this is your case.

When I say it’s a borderline case, it doesn’t mean we don’t want to cover it and provide a stable workflow. But I can’t promise a fast solution for this. We’ll investigate that. In the meantime, if you work in such an area, you can connect Reach to the Internet via a mobile hotspot.

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thank you for clarifying the matter. At the beginning of working with rs2, I thought that bluetooth was causing this problem, but our suspicion proved that the GSM modem was responsible for these interruptions in NTRIP. this is not the only case this bug appears on many RS2 (in our case on 3 devices). GSM in 2G (GPRS EDGE) is not displayed by RS2 why? The RS2 is losing a lot in my eyes to this glitch. the equipment is in a word not refined. I understand the lack of FIX because of the small number of satellites but not the weak GSM internet. The GSM modem requires modification in this equipment.

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We’ll check if it’s possible to improve its behavior. And if possible, we’ll definitely do that.

Hello. have any conclusions been obtained?


We’re still searching for conditions similar to yours to reproduce this. I’m keeping my eye on your case and will share any news once I have them.

Hello. Any news. I understand that you cannot find conditions like mine. I have suggestions, maybe you will visit me and a few of my friends who also have RS2? then we will surely find such conditions.