No luck at all with bluetooth

Running v 2.16.2 firmware on the Reach RS+ here. I’m trying to connect to it via bluetooth from my Android phone using the NTRIP Client app. I want to send NTRIP data to the Reach and get NMEA data back over bluetooth. I can get the devices to pair, but when I try to connect to the phone from NTRIP client I just get socket timeout errors. Sometimes it will connect for a few seconds and push RTCM to the Reach, but then I loose it. Very frustrating.

In my experience bluetooth on Android was always a bit weird, and bluetooth on Linux has always sucked. Is there some way I can debug what’s going on? Has anyone had success with bluetooth on Android? I did a search of the forum and did not find anything really helpful–seems others have problems with bluetooth also.

did you follow this explanation?

but it seems you have a similar problem like I have with the M+

Yes I did follow that. NTRIP client just times out connecting to the Reach, and gives java socket error. I’ve tried to look through the various log files, both reachview and system logs, and I can’t see much in there to help me know what’s going on. Sounds like others have had similar issues and there doesn’t seem to be any solution that I can find.

I think the problem is Android 8. My old phone with Android 5 used to work. But this one never has. It won’t work with another bluetooth serial device I have either. Not sure if there’s something that needs to be done on the Linux side of things to be compatible or what.

Hi @torriem,

We’ve released the ReachView v2.17.4 dev update with the fix for BT transmission issues.

Please let us know if it helps.

Tried it this morning and so far it seems to work with two different android devices. so I think you might have got it! Thank you.

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