Bluetooth Problems on the M+ with NTRIP Client


I am using an Reach RTK and a M+ Side by Side for testing and only experience this problems on the M+. The classic Reach one works fine with all the same settings.
I use NTRIP Client for Correction Input and also Position output via Bluetooth.
I use the newest DEV Version 2.17 on both.

When I connect on the M+, It starts normally, but after 3-4 seconds it stops collecting data from my phone and it starts to switch between “Timeout” and “connected to host”. When I disconnect in NTRIP Client, this continues for some period of time and only stops when I switch to the Bluetooth tab (I guess some updating is happening then). After that I get the "Recv error (111) which would be expected when I disconnect.

On the Reach RTK with 2.17, all this works fine as always. Correction input works and when I disconnect on my phone in NTRIP Client, I get the "REcv error (111) immediatly.

Here are screens and simple reports from both receivers.!Avf4CglCTLA72ClNGTQyyjbCzj37

Any idea, if there might be a problem on my end?


Hi @goamberg,

May I ask you to send me the Full System Report generated when Reach M+ is trying to connect to this NTRIP station?

Hi @tatiana.andreeva
I added the full system reports for both receivers in the link.
It was taken after the bluetooth connection was estatblished, but then stopped receiving correction data from NTRIP Client.!Avf4CglCTLA72ClNGTQyyjbCzj37

This time it was a little different. It did continue to say “connected to local host” even though the status page said single and the NTRIP client app said “no data”

Hi @goamberg,

Thanks for reports!
We’ll look into it and I’ll get back to you with the answer.

Is there maybe any news on this?
I tested another M+ with 2.17 and it has the same problem.
Full report here (138.8 KB)


Hi @goamberg,

Thank you for this information!
We’re still investigating the issue. I’ll let you know when there will be any news.

Hi @goamberg,

We’ve just released v2.17.4 dev update with the fix for your issue.

Please let me know if it helps.

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