New Emlid Raspbian [emlid-raspbian-20180525] with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ support

Hello guys!

We wanted to share with you our new Raspbian Stretch release for Navio. Here’s the link.

Here’s the overview of new features:

  • Raspberry PI 3 Model B+ support is here!
  • Exciting new GPIO support on the servo rail. Essentially it means that you have 14 GPIOs more to spare*. Read a section about this feature below
  • ArduPilot updates:
    • ArduCopter-3.5.5
    • ArduPlane-3.8.5
    • APMRover-3.3.0
  • Kernel updated to v4.14.34
  • Reworked packaging of kernel. This allows to easily get updates and install some packages previously unavailable incl. everything that depends on raspberrypi-bootloader package
  • Emlidtool v1.0.6:
  • Package rpi-update removed from image. Since this command can break RCIO support
  • Removed WBC support
  • Fix some misc bugs

You need reflash your device if you want to get these features, so backup your parameters.

*In order for GPIO on the servo rail feature to work you’ll need to type in a simple command sudo emlidtool rcio update for updating your RCIO firmware on your newly flashed SD card.

After that you can use your /sys/class/gpio/gpiochip500 to control pins on the servo rail by echo N > /sys/class/gpio/export (where N is 500…514) and then writing and reading values as usual. Of course 500 is just the base value. So in order to control 2nd pin on the rail you’ll need to echo 502.

The more technical changelog is here.

We hope you like the new features and wait for your feedback!


OOOOOO thank you thank you

Thanks for the update.

Internal GPS firmware upgrade to 3.01 is still pending… No pun intended


Hi ,

Can we please please please get encoder support on the navio to make it compatible with pixhawk systems.

For ground platforms … encoder support is something we really need.

Awesome !

Just installed. I see the peski Baro test fail is at it again asking if the baro is covered with foam

Barometer is sensitive to UV light. Do you covered it with foam?
Does Navio2 example for barometer gives you normal values?

Yes it is covered with foam inside a housing. Looks normal. I did have one occasion where after taking off in Poshold mode that the drone could not remain level but climbed and descended. I had to change to to althold mode for this to stop.

In Althold mode copter uses baro for controlling altitude. It can be problem of bad GPS signal in PosHold mode.
Do you have EKF errors? Have you had stable fix?

Nope. Just had a yaw re alignment when I took off

I switched from poshold to althold and then back to poshold and everything was normal. Ill load the logs later

Did you see the same issue on the old image?

Can this be updated with “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade” or do we need to burn a new image on the SD card and reload all changes we’ve made to the current distro?


Burn a new image

That’s a shame. I did a lot of work adding libraries to that image. Now I have to start over again

In case you don’t need a new kernel and RPI 3 B+ support, you can get new ArduPilot, emlidtool and rcio-dkms (that’s the one that handles new GPIO on the servorail feature) by issuing sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.

That’s good news – I’ll do that (I don’t need RPI 3 B+ support). Thanks, George!

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Hello, given that the 3B Plus draws significantly more current over the 3B, but only provides 0.2Ghz higher clock power, is it worth it to use on a UAV when flight time is a factor?
Is the performance really better on the 3Bplus?