New AUSCORS NTRIP broadcaster requires TLS certificate

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Today, Geoscience Australia has released enhancements to the AUSCORS NTRIP Broadcaster platform saying that the current AUSCORS URL, available at, will no longer be available from 1 July 2022. All users will have to regisster a new account and update their RTK Base Correction settings. Ref:

I have been trying the new URL:Port on my Reach RS+ but couldn’t receive NTRIP corrections. Any idea whether Emlid Reach RS+ supports TLS encryption? Or is it something else?

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That’s interesting to get to the bottom of it! Did you work with Reach RS+ fine using the previous AUSCORS address? Do you happen to know if they used TLS earlier?

I have always used AUSCORS, with an RS2.
I hope you get it working again ASAP :slight_smile:

I have been using my RS2 with Auscors ( for quite a while with no issues. I don’t believe that they use TLS with this platform.

I was not able to get the new host ( working either. I was able to see the mountpoints but was not able to stream corrections.

Same here, been using the old AUSCORS for about 2 years with no issues but looks like the old URL won’t be available after 1 July 2022.

I hope Emlid provides an update to support TLS or we have to ditch this little piece of tech and go back to Leica/Trimble I guess :wink:

Still waiting for Emlid to get back to me

Same here it still works with the old AUSCORS settings but the old AUSCORS won’t be available after July 2022 that why we are trying the new AUSCORS on all our devices.

Both old and new AUSCORS works just fine on Leica GPS/GNSS units though

It would appear from the following that the new AUSCORS NTRIP connection has changed with the new mount point.

"* To protect all users who connect to the AUSCORS NTRIP Broadcaster and ensure data integrity we have made the decision to only provide data streams that are encrypted.

  • Some users may require the TLS certificate to be able to connect, this can be downloaded from Amazon: Amazon Root CA 1.
  • If your hardware or software does not support TLS encryption over NTRIP please contact your hardware or software vendor for specific support."

I too just see “waiting for corrections”

Yep same here! Not sure how to use that Amazon link I assume that should be uploaded or pasted somewhere in the code lines

Yes it’s been working just fine with the old AUSCORS settings but I have no idea what TLS really is to be honest :joy:

Hi guys,

We definitely want to figure out what happens here. So, we’ll look into all possible reasons for the integration issue, including TLS. Now I’m discussing the situation with the team. Once there’s news, I’ll post them in this thread.


TLS - Transport layer Security. It is a protocol that encrypts data traffic between server and a client application.

I have also tested the new AUSCORS NTRIP URL with an Emlid Reach RS and received the waiting message after the connection was applied. I returned to previous URL and port and the the NTRIP data resumed as previously.
I assumed that the Emlid NTRIP client does not have the TLS protocols in the software, nor the certificates which are used to authenticate the server and the client as part of the handshake between them.
Emlid will need to patch their NTRIP client with the TLS protocols and encryption software before the 1 July 2022 for us to continue using the AUSCORS network.
To my knowledge the previous URL and the 2101 port is unencrypted.

Hi guys,

You were right! The TLS is indeed the snag. We know how important AUSCORS is for your projects, so we include the work on the TLS support into our plans. Still, this task doesn’t look easy, so I believe it’ll take us a while.

As I understand from your posts, you can continue working with the old credentials until the 1st of July 2022. However, we’ll do our best to implement the TLS support sooner for your peace of mind :slight_smile:


I’m glad I’m not the only one scratching their head haha, thanks Emlid team for acknowledging the importance of it and bumping it up in your roadmap

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Hi. Does anyone know where we can access the old url/port list. I can only find the new one. Specifically looking for Port Hedland and Karratha if anyone can help? Cheers


Do we have an update on how this is progressing?

We can use the old AUSCORS settings until July 2022 and I hope Emlid team come up with an update supporting TLS soon! Not sure how to follow up though!

Hi guys,

Don’t worry, we remember about TLS :wink: There’s no ETA for now, but you’ll know once it’s added from the forum news. Also, I’ll make sure to post an update in this thread so that it will be even harder to miss it.

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